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Keayrt va me aeg     
Once I was young - An old man looks back over his life.
Traditional tune and words (sometimes known as Eisht as Nish), arranged by Moot.
An acoustic number with Aalin: singing and guitar, Breesha: flute and Robert: bodhran and chinese bells.




Curdled bainney
Curdled Milk. The original song which entreats the cow to give milk is given a more sinister feel in what we have come to think of as a troubled milk maid song.
Traditional tune and words (Cur dty vainney), arranged by Moot with new tune by Aalin to finish. Aalin: singing, Breesha: flute, Robert: samples and programming

Usheg veg ruy
Little Red Bird: Ostensibly about a little red bird looking for somewhere warm to sleep, but, as is wont, various analogies have been posited.
Traditional tune and words, arranged by Moot.
Everybody doing what you would expect.
Death is slow
Tragic blues song

3 little boats
1st tune still waiting for a name by Sharon Christian, 2nd tune 3 little boats (traditional).
Sounds from a past fish auction on Peel quay punctuate this fishing track – pieced together in celebration of the 1st landing of herring at Peel in recent years. Flute and
whistle: Breesha, all other noises: Robert

Graih my chree
Love of my heart – Bittersweet love song which talks about sorrow, death and the heart finding no rest…
The words of Graih my chree are here paired with another traditional tune, which has
not previously been used (Scollag Aeg).
Aalin: voice, Breesha: flute, Robert samples and programming

Lost sheep
The song Ny Kirree fo Niaghtey describing Nicholas Raby’s dispiriting search for his snow covered sheep is arranged here with a sample from a mournful spiritual. Not to be outdone, a second traditional tune, Arrane Ghelby, drifts in and out.
Aalin: voice, Breesha: flute, Robert samples and programming

Safe: This song was inspired by a 9th Century Irish Poem
Bitter is the wind tonight
It tosses the ocean's white hair:
Tonight I fear not the fierce warriors
Coursing on the Irish Sea.
Basically a lullaby in Manx, Moot-original lyrics are sung to the Irish tune of Mna na h Eireann. Jig by Aalin.
Aalin: voice, Breesha: flute, Robert: samples and programming
Ellan Vannin
The Isle of Man: This favourite of Manx choirs, which some consider an alternative national anthem, is here given a more mellow interpretation.
Tune: J Townsend, Words: Eliza Craven Green.
Aalin: guitar and voice, Robert: bodhran
Mystery track - can you guess what this used to be?
All responsibility lies with Robert
Yllagh Ushlag
Watery Cry: In this song written by Breesha a woman returns herself to the sea
Aalin: voice, Breesha: flute, Robert: samples and programming
Traa cadlee - interlude
Arrane oie vie
Goodnight song – the sort of song that means it’s really time to go to bed: ‘Black grows the hearth’s warm light’ – you get the message. Historically, Moot’s first performable track.
Words and tune traditional, arranged Moot.
Aalin: voice, Breesha: flute, Robert samples and programming
Skeletal warriors awake to late for battle - so go back to sleep.
Robert samples and programming