Moot's debut album, 'Uprooted' , gives an indication of the range and style of this three piece contemporary Manx music group.

The music, a mixture of acoustic and electronic material includes modern interpretations of traditional melodies interspersed with original tunes and  songs and imaginative sampling.

Uprooted shakes the dust off old stories of life, love and loss in an Island community, driving them forward under the influence of jazz, hip-hop and dance music.

Recorded and produced with the help of Charles Guard and the Manx Heritage Foundation. Except tracks 4,9,10,12,14 recorded at Mona Street - thanks to the Mollag band for the loan of the equipment.

Available for 10 plus p&p from

  Cassette produced by Charles Guard with a selection of groups and individuals making contemporary Manx Music.

Moot has 2 songs featured on this recording

This is available from local shops in the Isle of Man